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Welcome to Two Hearts Yoga Studio
As you enter our studio, you are greeted by both cheerful instructors and fellow students. Together we form a Kula, which is a community of the heart. Leave your cares at the door, and join us upstairs in our loft studio space for class. Our instructors are dedicated practitioners and seasoned teachers, and each class is a unique experience that will lead you on your yoga journey.

Mission: To provide a supportive community for the practice of yoga and meditation.

Please understand that a qualified teacher may be substituted for the one
listed here and, due to time restrictions, not be reflected in the calendar below.
Every effort will be made to update which instructor is teaching a class.

Kundalini Gong Bath

Gong Bath in the Kundalini Tradition for your Vibrational Hygiene!

The universal sound of the gong allows us to move beyond the boundaries of the mind. The vibration of a played gong causes all thirty trillion cells of the body to resonate and dance, releasing blockages of mind, body and spirit. Within this creative cosmic flow we find fulfillment, harmony, and love.

Includes a warm up and brief meditation followed by 30 minutes of gong relaxation.   

Tuesday May 21, 7PM By donation or class card



Printer Friendly SUMMER Schedule

Saturday Spotlight Instructors listed here and most current on the calendar above.

Note: Sunday Classes Time Shift April & May
Mindful and Mellow: 8:30 - 9:30
Hot Vinyasa: 9:45 - 11:00

5309 McCullough Ave, San Antonio TX 78212
1 Mile from the Quarry Shopping Center
(210) 240-6141 —

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